Translation Tuition Text

If I am undertaking a translation or transcreation for you, I will ensure you make your sense, intention and subject matter clear. If I am tutoring you in German for business or pleasure, we will work at figuring out your learning style together and working in sync to build your language proficiency with enjoyment. 


Find out more about how I can work on your translations, write press releases, mails, or copy for your personal or business use. 


Contact me and communicate in German with confidence! 


Translation English to German


I translate product marketing, product descriptions, press releases, advertisements, white papers, B2B & B2C, correspondence for business or personal use, speeches, FAQs, presentations, proposals, questionnaires and websites.


Accuracy and high standards are the foundation a professional translation rests on. With my understanding of the British and German cultures, gained from living for many years in both countries, I create well-written translations bringing across the correct tone, cultural depth and even emotion that you need to express.


I am experienced in translating special fields such as commerial, HR, marketing, tourism, training and education.


Online German Tuition


I give online German lessons with focus on conversation, communication and language coaching. For best possible results I take into account the learner’s cultural background as well as personal expectations, individual learning style and learning goals, building a rounded picture of the learner to develop her/his language skills. 

  • Are you planning to move to a German speaking country?
  • Would you like to converse with a German native speaker?
  • Are you preparing for your school or university exams in German?
  • Are you shy and need to practise your German in a comfortable safe atmosphere?

I can help you to improve your German in a sympathetic, supportive and creative environment in which you can immerse yourself in learning the language. 

Transcreation & Copywriting


I write texts for websites, product descriptions, press releases, sales letters, proposals, presentations, speeches, leaflets and flyers tailored to the target market and audience.


Transcreation (creative translation) and copywriting can be vital for marketing your product, company or yourself to a foreign target group.


If you have already written a text for your website or a press release for the English-speaking market and would like to publish it for the German-speaking market, I can adapt the message from English to German, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context.


Copywriting, on the other hand, is about composing a new text following your brief, to market your product, company or yourself to a target audience.