"If I had to say what I felt was unique about you and your services was the great length you went to in order to correct my German texts. The speed with which you replied to my emails and corrected the text was one of the aspects of your services I found great. [...] I have had my fair share of German tutors over the course of my GCSEs and I would most definitely say that you are the best one I have had both in terms of attitude and ability to help students. I would recommend you to others, and if I ever needed any further German help, you would be the first person I would come to.


Thank you very much for helping me get full marks in both the controlled assessments I asked you for help with."


"Hi Ina


thinks he has done quite well in his CA his teacher says A possibly A*, thanks for your help."


"Once again, thank you for your invaluable help! The subtitles are now uploaded and visible on YouTube. You can see them on the link below: 


Global Changemakers - 3.Promote

Global Changemakers - 5. Review


(select German on YouTube's settings menu at the bottom right of the screen)." NOTE: Subtitles have been altered by the organisation.


"Ms Brachmann was extremely efficient and well-organised. She sent self-assessment papers through to Z before their first meeting, and followed these up with face-to-face assessment during the first session. Ms Brachmann was very easy to get along with. She was very encouraging and from the very start she put Z at ease. Her constantly positive and upbeat approach made the learning fun and productive." Follow up: "Hi Ina. Hope all is well with you. Just to let you know that Z has succeeded in getting into Cambridge to study [...] German. Many thanks for your input along the way."


"With 90 minutes extra tuition each Wednesday evening, over just 7 months, X's improvement was truly impressive; resulting in a 3 grade rise from the D prediction, to a much welcome ‘B’. Overall, we were delighted with Ms Brachmann’s preparation, diligence and strong, engaging personal skills."


"Thank you so much for all your help. You have been a great teacher! Love [...] xxx"


"Ina’s lessons were interesting and helpful. She taught in a professional and sympathetic manner, responding well to my requirements. She offered an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere in which to improve and progress. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a tutor."


“Sessions were fun and varied and the mixture of material supplied kept me interested. All topics were useful as I had very little German knowledge prior to the course. Starting from the very basics has been very useful. Learning another language as I’ve been meaning to do this for the last 30 years. [...] and Ina are very nice too!”


“Prior to X receiving the tuition from Ms Brachmann, she was only averaging a C to B grade but after just a few sessions it was possible to notice the difference and at present X is achieving A to A* grade in German. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms Brachmann’s service to others because it was an extremely positive and rewarding experience. In the future, I would not consider using another service if Ms Brachmann is available.”


"Hi Ina,

When we last met I said that I hoped to fit in one or two more sessions with you before my trip to Switzerland but, unfortunately, that hasn't been possible. [...] you are such a good teacher. I know that the sessions I had with you have given me a lot of confidence and inspired me to go further with my German. [...]"


"[...] Thank you again. Although I've only been to see you twice, it has so inspired and motivated me to work on my German. I'm spending more time on it than I thought I would be and looking at as many ways as possible to make progress. [...]" 


"Hi Ina, just wanted to let you know that everything was very clear and
we're very happy with your work. [...] Many thanks again!"


"Hi Ina, many thanks for the translation, brilliant as ever! [...]"


"Ms Brachmann is providing an excellent and efficient service to meet the quality and strict time scales required by our organisation. We are working closely with Ms Brachmann on a number of other projects including a fully translated website and power point presentations.” 


„Vielen Dank für die pünktliche und akkurate Übersetzung. [...]” 


"I've had quite a good look through and it looks very good. Thank you for your hard work and research."


"We have worked with Ina for over a year and we keep going back to her for a number of reasons: Ina is a very professional and conscientious translator who always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are happy. Her linguistic skills and specialist knowledge are without par and she always takes time to discuss the project at hand. Ina is a partner in whom we trust, so we can definitely recommend her to any other potential client who is looking for a quality translation and quality service."


Ms Brachmann has an interdisciplinary knowledge of the fields she has been involved in. Her work can be described as a merging of professional expertise within business, finance and marketing, writing and linguistic skills. X have worked with Ms Brachmann since January 2008. She has proven to be extremely resourceful when faced with tasks such as terminology research and exploration for creative solutions. She also has demonstrated a great ability to work professionally onsite dealing with clients, colleagues and the appropriate authorities. We have been confident in regularly hiring Ms Brachmann for bilingual communicative tasks, which include translations from English to German. We are glad to continue our co-operation with Ms Brachmann for the foreseeable future."


"In her dealings with external business associates, her manner was that of a self-confident and versatile individual. She possesses distinctive persuasive powers and negotiation acumen, remaining constructive and objective at all times when engaging in discussion. In her capacity as Project Manager, she built productive relationships with all of the partners involved, coping with any conflicts of priority with consummate ease and to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.”


"Many thanks again for your copywriting - I am really pleased with the result. I finally managed to look at the text and have now put it on my German profiles."


"Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Beitrag. Text und die ersten Images sind angekommen."



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