Welcome to iGerman Language Matters

iGerman Language Matters was created in 2008 by Ina Brachmann. We focus on translation, transcreation and copywriting with a highly personalised language service, individually tailored to your demands to help you:


* Reach out to your customers in their language

* Demonstrate your professionalism and knowledge

* Create trust with clearly understandable content

* Explore a wider market.


Let us take your language matters into my hands and make it count.

Translation English to German

Translations for product marketing, press releases, advertisements, white papers, correspondence, speeches, presentations, proposals, questionnaires and websites.

Transcreation & Copywriting

Texts for websites, product descriptions, press releases, sales letters, proposals, presentations, speeches, leaflets and flyers tailored to the target market and audience.

Online German Tuition

German lessons with focus on conversation, communication and language coaching for personal, professional or business use.