International liaison can be hard to get right, with its mass of cultural and business expectations quite apart from the language barriers. Having someone who is linguistically and culturally literate in both cultures can be a huge asset to your business and its profitability.


I’ve worked with small and medium sized businesses and I am experienced at helping individual businesses and start-ups find the right solutions to build their market shares in both the English and German marketplaces.


Do you need presentations and scripts for your employees, translations of correspondence and product presentations, or someone who can represent your company to English- or German-speaking audiences?


I am able to produce new materials for English or German companies to use in German-speaking markets as well as translating and presenting any materials you may already have. I am also happy to represent your company to English or German-speaking audiences, either over the telephone, online or in person.




"Ms Brachmann has an interdisciplinary knowledge of the fields she has been involved in. Her work can be described as a merging of professional expertise within business, finance and marketing, writing and linguistic skills. X have worked with Ms Brachmann since January 2008. She has proven to be extremely resourceful when faced with tasks such as terminology research and exploration for creative solutions. She also has demonstrated a great ability to work professionally onsite dealing with clients, colleagues and the appropriate authorities. We have been confident in regularly hiring Ms Brachmann for bilingual communicative tasks, which include translations from English to German. We are glad to continue our co-operation with Ms Brachmann for the foreseeable future."


"In her dealings with external business associates, her manner was that of a self-confident and versatile individual. She possesses distinctive persuasive powers and negotiation acumen, remaining constructive and objective at all times when engaging in discussion. In her capacity as Project Manager, she built productive relationships with all of the partners involved, coping with any conflicts of priority with consummate ease and to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.”


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